Quality Stud
We are proud to be a truly traditional stud farm.  
Our stud farm has 24 hectares of high quality organic pastures and is situated in the middle of the peaceful polders on the Belgian coast.  
Most of our broodmares have first proven themselves in sport and have a high quality pedigree with plenty of
Black Type (1.45m+ level) sport horses.

We breed an average of 4 to 5 foals per year. Practically all stallion foals are sold as foals at renowned auctions or privat. We keep the filly foals at home and they goes in training afterwards. . Those mares are only sold once they are seven years or older.
People who are interested in a stallion foal or a mare can always let this know by sending an e-mail to: koen@qualitystud.be
Healthy grassland for healthy horses
We are raising our horses on biologic grassland.  

We don't use artificial fertilizers which don't gave a good effect on OC and OCD of the horses
We are producing our own humus to fertilize the grassland.  This allows good herbs to settle in the land..

We used mixed grazing.  In the summer cows are grazing together with the horses.
during winter time, when the horses are inside, a herd of sheep is doing the rest of the work so that the next spring the horses enjoying a optimal grassland with all the necessary minerals and herbs they need to become strong and powerfull sporthorses.

We also produce our own hay
We put special attention on gently breaking and training our horses.
There are two ways to train a horse for riding: one way works well, and the other causes more problems than it is worth. 
Gentle breaking works best because it helps a horse build trust with its handler, and this relationship will last a lifetime.
We handle each horse as an individual and give him all the time he need. As a result of our knowledge and our patient our sport horses are well schooled and well mannered.  Most of them ready to perform at the highest level

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